4 Easy Steps To Wearing Baby

January 31, 2010

One of the most useful gifts I received as a new mother was an adjustable baby sling.

It allowed me to carry my baby yet have both hands free for other things.

With the sling, I could work on the computer, read, go shopping, cook, set the table, pick the toys off the floor, eat and talk on the phone without baby kicking up a fuss. It was brilliant!

The baby sling is one of the best attachment parenting tools available. In fact, one of the principles of attachment parenting is to wear your baby as often as possible.

Nowadays, there are all sorts of baby slings available and many of them can be ordered over the internet.

At a recent dinner party Wiranti, my sister-in-law’s domestic helper from Indonesia, showed us a fuss-free way of wearing baby with just a piece of cotton sarong fabric.

sling1First, drape one end of the cloth across the right shoulder while holding baby in your left arm.

sling2Pull the other end of the cloth with your right hand towards your right shoulder. Make sure that the cloth supports baby around his back and bum.

sling3Tuck the cloth you are holding under the material behind your right shoulder. Pull the excess cloth out on the other side.

sling4Do this a second time so that the sling is secure.

sling5And voila! Have baby, can travel!

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