Eight Lessons Our Kids Learnt The Hard Way

May 31, 2010
Wood chips don't taste good!

Wood chips don't taste good!

When it comes to learning life lessons, nothing beats personal experience.

Sometimes it is not enough to tell a child not to do something. Elaborate explanations don’t work and there are times when the wealth of our experience does not mean much to them.

Sometimes, children just need to experience it for themselves. Here are eight “hard” lessons my children remember.

1.)    Do not put wood chips into your mouth. They do not taste good.

2.)    Do not stop at the fridge to get a sip of soda water when you really need to pee. Better to be dry and thirsty than wet and not thirsty.

3.)    As you lean forward over the armrest of a sofa, your centre of gravity shifts in such a way that at a certain predetermined point you will topple over, hit your nose on the floor and bawl your eyes out.

4.)    Do not sneak food into your room. Cockroaches and rats love crumbs.

5.)    If you hit your sibling, there are usually unpleasant repercussions.

6.)    Do not take lightly your parents’ counsel to look after your RM400 1 Gb PSP memory card. With such carefully considered forewarnings, if you actually lose it, you will have to swallow your bravado and live without the extra memory.

Remind me to stay off the fizzy drink.

Remind me to stay off the fizzy drink.

7.)    Too much of a good thing can make you feel sick—bleargh!—especially if it’s lots of cookies or chocolate washed down with coca-cola.

8.)    If you do not really like Transformer toys, do not buy one just because your sibling has decided to buy one. Your money can always be better spent on something else.

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