Homeschooling, Love And Validation

March 24, 2010

Mid-Week Links

David Tan has a great post on how homeschoolers can find their way from homeschool curriculums to major exams like the O levels, SATs or the IGCSEs. Homeschooling mum Swee Bin tells her story.

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Attachment Parenting International last week launched its Feed with Love and Respect blog carnival, of which Parenting Works’ Respect and Trust the Fussy Eater was a part.

According to research, male and female brains are wired differently. Do we, therefore, need to approach learning differently for boys and girls?

KV Soon and Wai Leng have set up a Cooperative Learning Initiative in an effort to model a sustainable platform for homeschoolers to get together, share resources and learn.

Jan Hunt talks about the importance of validating a child’s feelings and how we might help out other parents in need. She quotes Rick Lahrson, Director of the Portland, Oregon Kids Project, who says, “Misbehavior in children is an attempt to communicate, when all else has failed.”

Japanese pre-schoolers are encouraged to be independent, to live life and to play. They are taught to be ‘all smiles’ and to say ‘thank you’. A Chinese mum posts about the culture shock she undergoes in Japan.

An annual survey of children living in Singapore, conducted by Adecco Singapore, a subsidiary of the world’s leading human resource and staffing services company, reveals that 93% of the children surveyed believe that it is more important to spend time with family than to make lots of money.

Unschoolers Zhang En and Zhang Hui were up to lots of fun activities last week. They baked butter cupcakes, befriended three caterpillars, bade several of their pet fish farewell and grew some spring onion.

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