Breast Milk, Dyslexia And The Internet

April 7, 2010

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Milk is the main source of nutrition for all babies, and the milk produced by mothers is tailored specially to the newborn’s needs. Here’s one more article explaining why all mothers should breastfeed.

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Sabah-based retiree Luqman Michel has a useful blog for parents and tutors of dyslexic children, where he uploads lessons plans and shares the knowledge that he has gained from six years of teaching dyslexic kids.

Did you know that there are four styles of parenting? Which style are you?

Non-mainstream parents who choose to breastfeed, co-sleep, homeschool and not vaccinate are generally in for a tough time. They tend to get a lot of flak for their choices—even from members of their own family.

The internet has been a great source of information and networking for parents all over the world. In many ways, virtual parenting has helped parents become better informed about their kids and connected to others in similar situations.

Some schools in the US have taken to hiring ‘recess coaches‘ in efforts to prevent playground bullying. Critics worry that with recess becoming an organised activity, children lose the only time they have to unwind. David Elkind, a professor of child development at Tufts University, says that this is an example of the disappearance of the ‘culture of childhood’ that has taken place worldwide. And New York Times readers weigh in with their opinions.


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